January 2018 Vermont Parties

Vermont strippers 2018

Well, here we are, 2018. A new year. You are probably heading to Vermont soon, plan on having a great weekend of fun on the slopes. If you are needing strippers for a Vermont party call 802-342-4295 speak to me, Meni, and I’ll help you book the best party in 2018, for you and your friends.
Vanessa, Vermont stripper
VIP Entertainment Inc., has been booking strippers since 1992. So we are entering our 26th year. Seems like yesterday when I booked a party in Bedford, NH for my buddy Tim. We had 5 strippers.
Booking Vermont strippers came with ease. We are located in Manchester, NH. Killington is 2 hours away, Mount Snow is 2 hours away. There no Vermont based strippers agencies. If you search Vermont strippers you find a couple of New Hampshire agencies, a couple of Boston agencies, and a couple of nationwide agencies. Nationwide stripper agency is a misnomer. If you call them, they quote you a high booking price, then try to sub contract the work to a local New England agency. On the nationwide stripper agency site you see pics of internet models, not the actual girls who are strippers. You think they internet model is showing up. Sorry those are not the girls heading to your Vermont Party. That nationwide agency is taking $100 to $200 off the top of your booking fee, and giving the rest to the local agency who might or might not have time to show up.
Seems like almost weekly, I get calls from a customer saying, “Yeah I had girls booked with another company and they just told me they aren’t showing up”. I can’t help that customer most of the time because it’s already getting late. Unless we can cover it, that customer is out of luck. I even had a customer, talk to me through email, I quoted him a show for his trolley ride from the bars to home. He emailed me saying they made other plans. Then the evening of the party, he called me around 9 pm, and emailed me. Is it too late to set this up again? was his email at 9:11 pm. Don’t be this customer. Book with me, the best stripper agency in New England.

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